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November 6, 2019
As glaciers and ice sheets melt, sea levels rise, and several species like the white rhinoceros are decimated down to their last, I have been reading about Greta Thunberg and her fight to save our future planet. Her passion at times can be both awe-...
November 4, 2019
States throughout the NEEP region recognize the need to address climate change and transform the way we generate and use energy. The global scientific consensus is that we need to decarbonize our economy 45 percent by 2030 and reach carbon...
November 1, 2019
The Scouts’ motto of “Be Prepared” may be old, but it’s still relevant in today’s world. Prepared for what? Well, the motto means being in a state of readiness for anything that comes along, being willing and able to tackle whatever is needed. There...

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